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In order to use this website, customers must first complete the "Create New Account" form. During the account creation process, students are required to provide personal information (such as first name, last name, street address, city, valid email address and phone number). This information is used to communicate with you regarding the services on our site for which you have expressed an interest. It is also required for the students to provide unique identifiers in order for us to authenticate the customers taking our course and prevent fraudulent use.

Follow these steps to get started.

From the any page, find the Login block, then click on Create New Account.
Login screen
Choose a User name and Password and fill out all required information. hint: Choose a user name and password that you will remember. Do not use the same information for your User name and Password.
The create an account form.
After entering your information click on Create My New Account . We will send you an email message to the email address you entered with instructions for completing the registration process.
Now that you have filled in the form, you are almost done.
Go to your email and follow the link to confirm your new IamRoadReady.com user account.

Once your account is confirmed, go to the home page and see the Available Courses . Click on the Adult Driver Education Course.

Course fees must be paid before you will be allowed to enter the course. Please have your credit card ready. Enter Credit Card information and click Send Payment.

As you progress through the course, you will be asked questions to ensure participation and comprehension. Questions are given at different times in the course and require a correct answer to proceed. If, even after several attempts, no correct answer is given, then a review of material will be required.

In addition to verifying your participation through the use of content questions, you will also be asked to verify your identity during and at the end of the course. We are using biometric software to capture your electronic signature. Randomly, throughout the course you will be asked to verify the identity of who is taking the course. Be prepared to answer and do not try to cheat the course. You are only hurting yourself. After you pass the test you will be asked to print, sign, and send us a notarized affidavit stating that you are the one taking the course and that you yourself completed all sections and the final exam. No certificate will be mailed until this form reaches our office.

In addition to these questions throughout the course, you will be asked to complete and pass a 40 question comprehensive final exam at the end of the course covering material presented in the course. The material will consist of information on highway signs and traffic laws. As you are taking this course, do not skip any material even if you feel like it does not pertain to you, (i.e. information on laws related to minors when you may not be minor). This information WILL be tested. The course does not distinguish people or content by age.

If you do not pass this final exam on your first attempt, you will be given the opportunity to re-test without repeating the entire course. You will be allowed to review any material that you want. You will be given three opportunities to pass the final exam. If after three attempts you cannot pass, you will fail the course and will be required to re-register, pay another fee, and re-take the entire course.

At the end of the course we would like to hear from you by having you fill out and send in a course evaluation. The evaluation is optional but we appreciate any feedback you can give so that we can continue to improve the course for all who take it after you.

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If a customer's personally identifiable information changes (such as your zip code), we provide a way to correct or update that customer's personal data provided to us. From the Administration menu, you will find a link to the Profile page. Providing corrections can be done on the "Profile" page within the site, or by emailing or calling Customer Support at 1-877-378-3748.
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